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  • 2nd October
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My highly anticipated order of Harney & Sons Paris blend tea has finally arrived today! It was recommended to me by a mutual follower who is without a doubt one of my favorite followers and blog that I follow . She’s a total sweet heart and I cannot be more grateful for introducing me to this tea! 

It’s got a really good full flavor to it and it is a black tea so it does contain caffeine. That’s a plus since I do need a pick me up in the morning. The aroma reminds me so much of an Earl Grey with a hint of fruit and vanilla but it’s definitely a lot smoother then an Earl Grey which can become too bitter if you let it steep too long.As you drink it you can taste all the different notes in it.I was told to try it with a little bit of creamer, which I did, and it really did push it over the top for me.

I don’t know if it’s available in stores. I ordered it off of Amazon and the seller is Barrie House. I was glad I did because not only do they sell the 50 count box for just a dollar more than the 20 count by another seller but they also included a reusable cup, a sample of Donut blend coffee, and a sample of another Harney and Sons tea “Hot Cinnamon Spice” . I know I’ll love that around this time of year! 

I don’t normally do product reviews.I just wanted to thank Kyelianne in a bigger way then just dropping a message.  I am a tea enthusiast though so if anyone else has so recommendations please do!! This was a lot of fun and I would love to see what else I’m missing out on! 

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